1. Government office Block
  2. Nurses Flats at Mazini
  3. Supermarket, Shops and Offices at Manzini
  4. New Prison Complex at PiggsPeak
  5. Industrial Estate for SEDCO AT Sidwashini
  6. Mbabane Staff Housing at Malunge, Mbabane
  7. Fire Protection in Government Buildings
  8. Conference Centre at Malkems Research Station
  9. King Sobhuzall Memorial Garden
  10. Mawelawela Women's Prison
  11. New City Council Abattoir in Mbabane
  12. Civil Servant's Housing in Mbabane
  13. Mankayane Hospital Rehabilitation
  14. Manzana Clinic
  15. Gncina Barracks Rehabilitation
  16. Swazi National High School Rehabilitation
  17. Mpisi Training Centre Rehabilitation
  18. Mankayane Regional Offices
  19. Ngwenya Border Post Staff Housing
  20. O.S.S.U. Complex Phase I and II
  21. Motshane Training Centre